A.I. demonstrates lack of transparency in media industry

From media industry, we learned that the opening and closing ads in a commercial break are the most expensive ones. Asked to pick out such ads for us, Mark (our AI) came back with an astonishing result (he would have screamed if he could): a short show sponsor’s ad (this month channel’s sponsor or TV content sponsor) is usually shown at the beginning of a break, followed by several promos, and only then the actual commercial break starts. Afterwards, it all repeats in a reversed order, with the sponsor’s ad closing the break. 

So, what is it exactly that the advertisers pay for? It is commonly known that the viewers, seeing the first ad in a break, either mute the TV immediately or, in the best-case scenario, take out their smart devices to kill up to 10 minutes of their time.

Migration between channels is happening on an enormous scale, too. Which, apparently, is bad not only for the advertisers but also for the media industry itself. Yet the audience cannot be blamed: although the regulation says the commercials must not take more than 20% of an hour, no one cares to comply, for there are no proper means to control it.

At any rate, this situation shows that Mark can be helpful (and how).

Media statistics is a tricky thing anyway. We are not allowed to share the full-scale findings report on the comparison of the “statistically correct” approach used in the market and the actuals, but would you trust a survey where the target audience – potential buyers of iPhones – is represented by just three (3) out of 400 households in the panel? Yes, we thought you wouldn’t. Together with our partners, we plan to bring in TV consumers’ behavior data based on more than 100k households per country, try beating that!

We are still improving Mark’s abilities as it is a never-ending process. And, meanwhile, we have finalized our beta SaaS (Mark serves his findings of advertising here): www.smartadex.com.

SmartAdEx provides real-time analysis of TV and radio content. It is an affordable SaaS cloud platform where advertisers, advertising, and media agencies get real-time data on TV and radio ad serving and viewers’ behavior.

Stay tuned, more news is coming soon!

PS: If you are not yet acquainted with Mark (our project), read part I and part II.

Please write to us directly (info@applyit.lv) or via the form on www.smartadex.com if you would like to help us bring Mark to your country.